UK Bingo Networks

Online bingo is a large part of the iGaming industry, with the popular pastime being increasingly on trend with gamers of all ages. Due to this growth in popularity, more and more of us are coming into contact with phrases and/or terms we may not be all that familiar with, such as “online bingo networks”. In a bid to help us better understand the world of online bingo, we’ve compiled a list of the major UK bingo networks currently in use, alongside a brief explanation of what these networks actually entail.

UK Bingo Networks Explained

When all the jargon of the community is stripped away, what is an online bingo network? Simply put, it’s a group of bingo websites that all share the same dynamics as each other, such as promotional materials, games, etc, even if they have a different layout and theme. They’re sister sites that come together to form a nexus, or network, that offer the same types of bingo, from the same (or similar) operators.

The reason for this sameness, is that operators tend to run more than one website, and so to pool their resources together, and to best utilise the services they provide, they form a network. This network means that they can offer much larger cash prizes, prize draws, and all sorts of other deals that smaller, independent online bingo sites would be unable to do. On the surface, this may seem like you never truly get any innovative features, but in reality, it’s the best way of ensuring that iGaming customers get the most out of what they wager, and so bingo networks are an ingenious form of marketing.

Another benefit of networking bingo websites, besides them all sharing the same promotions, customer support, software, and so on, is that they link to one another. If nothing else, online bingo networks emphasise how trusted a set of websites are, as well as offering assurances that you’re getting the most out of your experience.

Live Bingo Network

The first network on our list is the Live Bingo Network, also known as the LBN, and is likely one of the few networks you’ve heard of, even in spite of it starting off humbly. Back when it first started out, the LBN was regarded as one of the lesser known, smaller nexuses of bingo sites to be active online. However, during a boom in iGaming during 2013, the network suddenly became one of the major players within the industry, due to an increase in websites and gamers.

The LBN is also one of five Cozy Games operated networks that you’ll come into contact with online nowadays, with the sites involved specialising in 90, 75, 80, and 30 ball bingo. Consequently, customers get the chance to play classic games, as well as Americanised versions, thus providing a well rounded playthrough. That being said, LBN sites are notorious for offering less than ideal customer support options, which does place them slightly on the back foot.

Best Bingo Network

In a similar fashion to the LBN, the Best Bingo Network is part of the collection of Cozy Games powered networks available and, just as before, it’s one of the smaller ones out there. True, the LBN has grown since its beginnings, but it’s still seen as one of the compact of the online bingo networks we know of.

Seeing as how the Best Bingo Network, aka the BBN, is housed under the Cozy Games umbrella, it means that the aesthetics and promotions of the sites are similar, if not the same, as those of LBN. What makes it different from its fellow Cozy Games networks however, is that it only has six or so bingo labels to its name, all of which aren’t among the most well known of the community. As a result, the BBN is seen as a niche, somewhat independent collection of bingo brands, instead of the epitome of what the bingo industry has to offer.

Dragonfish Network

This, like the LBN, is a name you’ll have heard of if you’re well versed in online bingo. In fact, it’s likely you’ve heard of Dragonfish and its association with iGaming, regardless of whether you’re a fan or not. The reason for this is because the Dragonfish Network is one of the leading names within the online bingo industry, with the official number of websites part of its group said to be around the 60 mark.

Sporting friendly designs, classic 90 and 75 bingo, and accessible customer support, the Dragonfish Network is renowned for delivering some of the best bingo entertainment money can buy. Nonetheless, while it has high praise following it wherever it appears, some critics have said that the Dragonfish Network experience is too predictable, therefore meaning we see what it has to offer having only visited one of its sites.

Real Bingo Network

Following on from that, and in-keeping with Dragonfish software, the Real Bingo Network is part of the Dragonfish family. However, unlike the main Dragonfish Network, this one is much smaller, and has only recently launched, back in 2017. Considering Dragonfish is so popular already, why would they need another nexus? Quite simply, it’s because this network delivers no bonus bingo.

No bonuses may sound off putting, but what Real Bingo Network lacks in promotions, they make up in free bingo coupons; given how rare this is, this network is the first ever to grace the UK online bingo community. What is more, having no deals to contend with also means that this collection of brands promises zero wagering requirements, arguably one of the banes of all gambling fans. Of course, as with every good there comes a bad, with the Real Bingo Network still limited in the games it offers, due to how young the network still is.

Wheel of Slots Network

Don’t let the name of this system of websites confuse you: this is a bingo based network through and through, as demonstrated by the bingo led sites it champions. Even though its sites are proof enough that bingo is its main forte, the Wheel of Slots Network is extremely insecular in the number of brands it offers. All we could find is Viking Bingo, Volcano Bingo, and Walls Bingo, an enormously limited selection of brands, even for a more independent nexus.

In regards to what else makes it unique, we return to the subject of bonuses, with this network delivering a wheel of fortune promotion instead of classic deposit deals, or no offers whatsoever. If the wheel bonus sounds familiar, that’s because it’s used heavily by Jumpman Gaming, the developers who are behind the Wheel of Slots Network. As many of you will known, Jumpman Gaming is the name within online bingo, seeing as it’s also the reason the 15 Bingo Network exists.

Sugar Bingo Network

Our list thus far has included official networks, ones which have their own website, a respected set of credentials, and other such details, and yet when it comes to Sugar Bingo Network, these details change. The reason for this is because the Sugar Bingo Network isn’t technically an official bingo network, or not one you can easily search for. Instead, when looking for the network, you’ll likely be taken to the Sugar Bingo website, upon which you’ll find links to its sister sites.

Each of one of the sites listed allow 75 and 90 ball bingo, two of the most popular forms of the game, and also offer free bingo should you wish to save your pennies. Considering that they’ve not got the official seal of approval like some of the networks we’ve mentioned, the Sugar Bingo Network is definitely one you can trust.

Ignite Bingo Network

Moving onto our second to last network on the list, we come to Ignite Bingo, a European brand that was founded in 2009. Situated in both Norwich and Gibraltar, the Ignite Bingo Network is an international presence that is renowned for its experienced team. Given how highly the network is often rated, it’s no wonder that it’s among the top five with gamers and with its fellow peers.

Under the umbrella of this nexus, there’s many well known bingo sites, such as Costa Bingo, arguably one of the best well known bingo websites available. A lot of the sites included within this group are powered by Dragonfish software, and so it could be argued that this is a secondary Dragonfish Bingo Network. However, while there’s plenty of similarities, Ignite Bingo is significantly different in how monitor their affiliates, and the type of support they offer all who work with them.

15 Network

Last but certainly not least, given the main fact that it’s regarded as the bingo network of the iGaming industry, we have the 15 Network. A great number of websites are part of this network, with the majority of these sites being on the contemporary side, delivering exciting themes and fluid accessibility. Nonetheless, while there’s a youthfulness to this network, there’s no denying that all the sites within the 15 Network tend to look all the same.

Another attribute that every bingo label shares within this nexus is that the welcome offer remains the same: a wheel of fortune special. If this sounds familiar, it’s because Jumpman Gaming are known for this deposit bonus, with the deal being one of the main ways to distinguish between Jumpman Gaming and other brands. Having been started in 2011, the 15 Network may not be the most seasoned of the systems we’ve commented on today, but it is one of the most influential.