Bingo Sites that Accept PayPal

PayPal Bingo SitesVisitors to bingo websites, be them new iGaming brands or ones that have been in circulation for years, will be aware of the convenience of PayPal as a means of banking. That being said, while numerous gamers are undoubtedly educated about the benefits of such banking methods, online casinos and bingo websites can still choose to champion credit/debit cards instead.

More often than not, people feel that their credit/debit cards are a superior form of payment, due to how often we use them when shopping, online or offline, and yet many strings tend to come attached to using such methods. One such example of this are banking fees, a hugely unappealing condition for those of you who are avid iGaming fans; if you deposit/withdraw on a regular basis, being slapped with additional fees will leave a sour taste in your mouth. On top of this, you also have to deal with cards being declined, expiring, having to input tedious information, such as your long card number, and other such annoyances.

In contrast to this, PayPal is removed from such problems, as it’s simply an account that you can link to your bank account, or choose to manually transfer funds over to, if and when you need them. What is more, you don’t have to worry about your account expiring after so many years, as your account is always active, even if you barely use it. And let’s not forget that all you need to do is link your PayPal to your bingo account and you’re done, with no need to remember long numbers. Alongside these clear benefits, there’s also the convenience that withdrawals via PayPal tend to be quicker than those of traditional card methods, in fact, sometimes they can be processed instantly.

Putting aside the speed of its services, there’s the obvious pro of additional safety measures, designed to protect your account activity from prying eyes, as well as if anyone should attempt to fraudulently access your account. What is more, you don’t have to keep inputting sensitive banking details when using PayPal, as you only need remember your login details, with PayPal having everything else stored for you. Given the nature of gambling, having layered protection is something that all customers should consider before depositing/withdrawing funds.

Recommended PayPal Bingo Sites

Throughout this section of our article, we’re going to give details about several PayPal bingo sites. If nothing else, by having better knowledge of PayPal and the brands they work with, we hope that potential iGaming users, and those already active, can feel even safer when gambling. All too often the emphasis of a games brand is about its games, but banking methods are just as important, if not more so, as they highlight how accessible and customer focused a website truly is.

Season Bingo

Season BingoLaunched back in 2015, this is one of the more seasoned bingo websites out there, a rather fitting description for the Season Bingo label, is it not? Moving on from unintentional punts, we can see that this retro style brand not only delivers an ample supply of 90 and 75 ball bingo options, but that there’s also a decent collection of promotions too. Furthermore, those who are dedicated to PayPal bingo in all its glory, can focus on becoming a part of the Diamond Club, a unique form of membership that’s associated with Cassava Enterprises. As this company acts as the operators of Season Bingo, it’s worth knowing the benefits they offer for users who are active across all of their sites, not just one. Season Bingo is licensed by the Government of Gibraltar, and the UK Gambling Commission.

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Bingo G

Bingo GIn spite of its fairly modern appearance, Bingo G was founded back in 2009, making it over nine years old, and yet it looks younger than Season Bingo mentioned above. Operated by Electra Works Ltd, this website delivers 75, 30, and 90 ball bingo, with some of the games being free to new users. On top of this, there’s also an array of promotional offerings, most of which have been designed to reward regular customers and not those new to the brand. As far as we’re aware, there’s no VIP scheme at work here, although Electra Works have been known to have such membership in operation, yet fail to mention it. To keep the site safe, Bingo G is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, and the Government of Gibraltar, just like Season Bingo.

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Mira Bingo

Mira BingoComing a year before Bingo G, in 2008, this is another one of Electra Works Ltd creations, with Bingo G and Mira Bingo looking similar in layout and aesthetics, which sadly reduces any sense of individuality we’d felt from these sites when they were reviewed individually. Nevertheless, what we find here is still of great value to the iGaming community, as there’s a collection of both free and paid for bingo titles, with the cost of bingo tickets kept incredibly low, to help promote greater accessibility for all. Speaking of accessibility, Mira Bingo is accessible to a range of jurisdictions, thanks to its dual license of the UK Gambling Commission, and the Government of Gibraltar. And if that doesn’t concern you, perhaps the ample range of promotions from Mira bingo will…

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Play2Win Bingo

Play2 Win BingoNext up on our rundown of PayPal bingo sites, we have Play2Win, an online brand coming, once again, from ElectraWorks. This time round we have a much newer label, with it having been launched in 2014, only four years ago; despite its newness, the website looks like the other ElectraWorks sites already discussed. The only big difference between this and the ones mentioned so far, is that Play2 Win is pretty in pink, thanks to its flamboyant design. Alongside its eye catching looks, there’s a dual license from the UK Gambling Commission, and the Government of Gibraltar, as well as a series of promotions. They’re the same as its sister sites, as are the 200 plus titles also, but at least you know the type of brand you’re engaging with, and so the environment feels familiar, inviting, and safe.

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Moon Bingo

Moon BingoMoon Bingo, from Cassava Enterprises, will have you howling for more, thanks to its simplistic yet easy to navigate interface, alongside its popular bingo activities and casino classics. Coupled with the beauty of easy to play titles, there’s also VIP membership, and a handful of rewarding promotions, all housed inside a dual licensed brand; the regulators governing its services are the UK Gambling Commission, and the Government of Gibraltar. In truth, little separates this label from all the others gone before it, however it’s good to know that such a range of iGaming websites offer PayPal banking, thus allowing speedy transfers.

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What is PayPal?

One of the best ways to describe PayPal is as an ewallet: a means of banking completely online, making it a number one choice, for many, when purchasing products and/or gambling. Connected to your bank, money can be removed and added to your PayPal via the company’s website itself, or when using the PayPal app. Arguably this is one of the most flexible forms of online banking, with the added benefit being that you can access its services around the clock. All you need to do to get started is sign up, link your bank or debit card, then make your transactions from there.

In reference to fees, an element of standard banking we’re all too familiar with, PayPal charge no fees when using its services to buy online, which covers all forms of online gambling. That being said, if a currency conversion of any kind is involved, then a small fee will be collected from your account, however that’s the only charges worthy of note when paying for online pokies, etc. In keeping with different currencies, it’s also important to note that PayPal has slightly different regulations depending on the country you’re using it from, and so while it’s an internationally accepted payment method, you may notice differences between its UK website and its US version, as an example.