Mobile Bingo Sites

Gone are the days when the only way you could game online was to sit at your desktop computer, hoping and praying that your Adobe Flash was up to date; nowadays most of the iGaming experience comes from mobile gameplay. Despite this being the case however, a lot of people don’t know how mobile websites, specifically bingo labels, play games while on the go. We can appreciate that a 3G or 4G connection is needed, that and wifi, but otherwise what software is it that makes these mobile bingo sites work?

When mobile gaming started to become a hit with the masses, alternatives to Flash needed to be found, as Apple products have never supported that type of software. What is more, while additional software could be downloaded in order to make such connections work, it was a lot of hassle simply to game on your mobile. Fortunately, Flash isn’t the preferred software of choice from developers, with most bingo websites now utilising HTML5 software; there’s still the odd Adobe platform lurking about, but it’s a rare occurrence compared to how iGaming used to be. Now that HTML5 is at the core of online gaming, bingo websites simply detect your phone accessing the site and adapt it to the device you’re using. Granted, some brands still aren’t mobile friendly, but that, much like Adobe, isn’t a problem any more.

Why Play with a Mobile Bingo Platform?

Arguably the most obvious reason for playing at mobile bingo sites is because of how convenience it is, without much effort, you can log into your account and start gaming at a touch of a fingertip. This is most useful for those of you who rarely have time to sit at a standard desktop computer, or if you want to enjoy some down time on your work breaks without being caught doing so on the the company’s servers.

What is more, mobile bingo sites are just as secure as desktop versions, and so you don’t have to worry about risking your personal details merely to have a bit of fun. Add into that the fact that phones tend to update more regularly than desktops, and you find that mobile gaming is the more logical way to gamble, no matter if your preference is bingo, or indeed any other casino activity.

Mobile Bingo Sites for Android

Bingo Sites for AndroidFocusing on Android smart devices for now, while no bingo brand penalises you for using mobiles created by Samsung, Huawei, etc that isn’t to say that there hasn’t been issues. Only a few months back it was still impossible to download a gambling app from the Play Store that permitted real money gambling, which of course meant that all gamblers had to visit such sites via their phones’ browsers.

Even though this has been a niggling issue that has plagued plenty of users, seeing as how Android has overtaken Apple in the smartphones race, most mobile bingo labels allow Android users. This is normally highlighted by the site you’re playing at displaying the Android logo (the little green robot), with this often next to the bitten Apple logo that we all know so well.

Mobile Bingo Sites for Apple

Mobile Bingo Sites for AppleSeeing as how Apple were the first ones to really take on the smartphone scene, it makes sense that a lot of bingo apps have been created to work well with their devices. Furthermore, unlike Google, the Apple App Store hasn’t ever put limitations on real money gambling applications, and so users have been able to download such apps with ease. That being said, should you find a mobile site for bingo that uses Flash as part of its software, you’ll definitely run into problems that you wouldn’t by using Android.

Just like with Android friendly iGaming labels, Apple ones will display the relevant logo, thus making it clear which devices are compatible. More often than not, it tends to be Blackberry devices that suffer from exclusion nowadays rather than any other operating systems out there.

Can You Play with Real Money on Mobile Bingo Sites?

As we briefly mentioned only moments ago, previously gambling online via your mobile phone wasn’t possible for those of you who are part of the Android family. Nonetheless, while this used to be a problem, it doesn’t appear to be any more, and so nobody should have any problems betting with real cash when members of a mobile bingo website. In spite of this being the case however, if you’re someone who prefers to game for the fun of it, with the money side of iGaming removed, these mobile sites normally allow play for free bingo games.

Payment Methods Enabled By Mobile Bingo Brands

Seeing as how we all know that it’s simple enough to game with real money when using these mobile optimised websites, it makes sense to take a look at the popular payment options of the moment.


This is arguably one of the most easy to access of payment methods, and one that ensures the least amount of hassle; users merely need to connect their PayPal account to their bingo account and then they’re on their way. Even if you’ve yet to open a PayPal account, it couldn’t be simpler, as all you need to do is link your PayPal to your debit card/bank account, and you’ll be able to send and receive money within a few clicks. Due to its simplicity, withdrawals, as well as deposits, tend to be processed more quickly.

Pay by phone bill

Although a fairly new option for bingo players, members can now pay for the wagers they make, and receive the winnings earned, via their mobile phone bill. Given the fact that all of your bingo experience can be enjoyed through your smartphones, this type of payment method is a match made in heaven. Despite not being as quick as PayPal, paying through your phone bill is quite easy, with you needing to add your number to your bingo account, confirm the payment via a text message, and then start playing.

Pay by credit card

Those of you who have been around since the iGaming scene officially launched, will know all too well that credit cards will always be the go to payment method when others fail. And yet, while it’s the traditional means of paying, it’s not necessarily the quickest, as demonstrated by the countless users transferring from cards to ewallets and vouchers. Should you wish to gamble with your credit card, you’ll need to put in all the card’s details, such as long card number, sort code, etc, in order to make a transfer happen.


Much like PayPal, Skrill is an ewallet that enables users to transfer funds from their bank, via the middleman of the ewallet, to the mobile bingo website. Even though that may sound like a long winded process, it only takes a matter of minutes, thus maintaining a streamlined experience for all users. However, please keep in mind that Skrill charges their inactivate users a small fee, should your account stay dormant for too long, and so it’s only worthwhile for those that know they’ll use it regularly.


Lastly, we have Neteller, yet another ewallet similar in nature to Skrill, and PayPal, only this time it has a more global appeal. This in turn makes it an ideal option for those who want to convert money easily, and/or access payment services from various locations around the world. This isn’t the say that Skrill or PayPal can’t do this too, just that Neteller seems to have more global reach than its competitors. Sadly however, this comes at a cost, aka fees, with each different means of funding your Neteller account leading to a range of low and high value charges.

Privacy and Security on Mobile Platforms

When it comes down to how secure an online bingo site is, customers can rest easy knowing that all the measures typically taken by a conventional desktop website, will also be undertaken by a mobile one. This, like with desktops, is done by mobile bingo sites adhering to the licensing laws set out by their regulators, alongside encrypted personal data, and other such vital security measures. It’s very unlikely any bingo site will provide bogus security, but to ensure your utmost safety, make sure to read a bingo labels’ about us section, as that normally details all the security/privacy information within.


In conclusion, mobile bingo websites, regardless of their network and/or operators, tend to deliver the same thrilling experience (if not one better) than desktop counterparts. Furthermore, all the same regulations that govern a desktop brand do so with mobile ones also, therefore allowing greater peace of mind for both novice and experiences iGaming customers alike. Basically, if you’re someone who loves bingo, but doesn’t want to be confined to one place, a mobile option is the better avenue for you to go down.