5 Ways to Make Your Bingo Budget Last Longer

5 Ways to make your Bingo Budget Last LongerSadly, not all of us can afford to throw money around and, more often than not, some sacrifices have to be made, especially when it comes to pleasure. Still, with only a few adjustments here and there you can successfully stretch your bingo budget until your next paycheck clears and even save some cash! There is always a way around the unnecessary expenses and successful budget management is just a few simple rules away.

1. Take Advantage of a Deposit Bonus

Online casinos and bingo sites always offer a range of ongoing promotions and sign-up offers which can be used to prolong one’s game time and help with accumulating the balance. The types of bonus offers will vary depending on the bingo site, but in most cases, the casino will add a certain amount to your cashier as soon as you submit the qualifying deposit. This is a great opportunity to milk your limited budget since most bingo sites will match the minimum deposit with at least 50% (or even up to 400%). The players’ initial deposits are not the only ones to trigger bonus cash prizes and bingo sites will often launch weekly promotions during which the members can get a certain amount for every deposit or a stake on specified bingo games. In some cases, a share of a cash pool prize can be won in addition to the bonus money.

2. Free Bingo

Another way to enjoy your favourite games without incurring extra expenses is to focus on free bingo. This does not mean that you will be playing strictly for fun – a number of bingo sites offer this option as a means of attracting the members with a restricted budget, giving them the opportunity to increase their balance and get back in the saddle at virtually no cost! The prizes are comparatively low, but considering the fact that no investment is required, it definitely pays off. There are two types of free bingo:

3. Go Low Cost

A lot of players start their bingo adventure with low-cost games, gradually shifting onto more expensive bingo variants with higher monetary prizes. The most popular low-cost options are penny bingo, 5p, and 10p games. Low stake does not automatically mean that the winning will be negligible – progressive bingo games can result in thousands of pounds in progressive jackpots at a cost of only 10p. An additional advantage of low-cost bingo games is that you can easily afford to buy extra cards, kicking off with a strip of 6 tickets and investing a portion of your winning in purchasing more bingo cards. This will significantly improve your winning odds and increase your balance, providing you with the chance to try your luck in more pricey bingo variants.

4. Participate in Chat Games and Unlock Extra Bonuses

Social interaction is not the only appeal of bingo chat rooms and if you thought that people are only there to enjoy casual chit-chat sessions while playing some bingo on the side, think again. By taking an active part in the chat games, players can trigger various bonuses, starting with at least £1 bonus cash. One of the most popular chat games is the Lucky Number, where the players pick a number (1 – 90) and wait for the caller to announce it. When that happens, the first player to type in “Lucky number x” in the chat box will win the prize.

5. Jackpots

Bingo games with progressive jackpots can cost more (although this is not a rule), but the size of the payout makes the ticket cost worthwhile. As the game runs, the jackpot amount will grow, and to get the pot, one will have to win the game in 45 (or fewer) numbers. Players can start the bingo game on a minimum ticket costs and go up after a few winnings, boosting their odds of winning the progressive jackpot. The pre-determined jackpot games are also available, featuring multiple jackpots – the fewer numbers you win on, the higher your cash prize will be.

Play at These Trusted Bingo Sites

Once you feel confident enough to implement these tips in your budget management routine, finding a reputable bingo site is the next logical step. The bingo sites listed below have so far managed to accumulate the highest positive feedback rate by the players, thanks to their offer, bonuses, and reputation.